Dental Crowns Restore Damaged Teeth

Are chips, cracks or decay keeping you from your best smile? While designed to last a lifetime, our teeth can become damaged due to age, injury, or improper oral hygiene, leaving you feeling less than confident about showing off your grin.

Dental crowns from Dr. Ashley Lloyd in Raleigh, NC are a great solution for repairing your teeth and restoring your grin, so you can feel great about the health and appearance of your smile.

What are dental crowns?

Dental crowns are caps for your teeth, made of tooth-colored ceramic so they conceal damage discreetly and attractively. Dental crowns are durable, permanent and natural-looking, offering an effective solution to imperfect teeth.

What are the benefits of crowns?

Dental crowns improve both the function and appearance of your teeth by covering damage seamlessly. Crowns from our Raleigh, NC office are custom designed to fit snugly and comfortably over your original tooth, so you can bite, chew and brush without difficulty. Dental crowns require no removal for cleaning or eating, and look natural, so no one will detect them.

What can a crown repair?

Crowns can be used to conceal chips, cracks, worn down teeth, misshapen teeth, teeth with protruding fillings, or teeth with voids from cavities that cannot be filled properly.

How will my crown be affixed?

Your dentist at our Raleigh, NC office will apply an anesthetic to keep you comfortable during the procedure, which uses a dental drill to buff away some of the surfaces of your tooth to accommodate the crown. A scan will be used to create a custom crown, which is crafted from durable porcelain. Once your crown is done, your dentist will attach it with a cement material so it fuses permanently to your natural tooth. Your dentist will finish by providing any needed adjustments so you can bite properly.

Call our Raleigh, NC office today at (919) 828-1001 to learn more about how dental crowns can restore your teeth.

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